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Best Numerology & Tarot Reading
with Sanddeep & Kajol S Bajaj

Sanddeep Bajaj & Kajol S Bajaj have helped hundreds and thousands of people ranging from individuals, businessman, corporates, and celebrities by guiding them to excel in their life’s purpose by analysing the name and date of birth. Solve your miseries by mystical art of tarot and numerology and know hidden secrets in following :

Name Numerology

Love Tarot Reading

Business/Career Numerology

Career Tarot Reading

Baby Name Check

Health Tarot Reading

What’s Included in this Session?

Numerology Analysis of Your Date of Birth

Numerology Analysis of Your Name

Your Lucky Details

Personalised Remedies are Suggested for the root cause of Your Problem

Kajol S Bajaj – Best Tarot Card Reader

KajolsBajaj Tarot Reading can help you accomplish things you want or need to do to have and restore your confidence.It helps you to find happiness within you. WhatsApp to book your reading with Kajolsbajaj. Her Tarot Reading can guide you in making decisions about choices you might have in areas such as romance, career, health and much more. Discover the answers you have been searching for that you need to find in relationships to sort things out, situations in your life that are troubling you and providing you much needed peace to gain relief from stress and tension in your life. Discover where you are, where you have been, and where you want to be and how to get there with a tarot card reading by KajolsBajaj.

KajolsBajaj is a gifted and genuine tarot card reader in India who offers one on one, face to face readings. Her readings are a guiding mechanism to obtain clarity and direction. Many in India and across globe have learnt from her style of tarot reading. She is a natural born and gifted reader whose readings are full of insight and wisdom like no other. Her appointment diary gets booked days in advance. She is popular, fun and one of the pioneers in tarot reading apart from being the most experienced in India. KajolsBajaj is truly a gifted tarot reader and has helped changed thousands of lives around the world. Her clients contact her from all around the world. She prefers face to face sessions for her readings as believes in traditional one on one connections.

kajol s bajaj

Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Crystals Healer

Our Services

Holistic Consultation Solution for all of your problems. Few of the problems are listed below but our services are not limited to these problems our solution go much Beyond till we help you obtain your well being.


Best time for new Job, Change & Promotions, Right Guidance in career, Get Remedies & satisfaction in job.


Possible Marriage Timing, Why delay, Advice in Marriage obstacles, Love or Arrange Marriage After Marriage, Life Partner appearances.

Family Feuds

Family disputes can arise from name, date or past Karmic Debit hurdles. Settle Dispute by seeking divine intervention and get remedies.

Foreign Settlement

Know most suitable times for settling or studying abroad. Remove blockages, reduce the delays, struggles, and align career to your ‘lifepath’.


Know from your ‘lifepath‘ number to identify problems you may have with your health, seasons that likely to be sick in.

Baby Name Check

Baby Name Check, Best timing of pregnancy, Cesarean Date Advice,Guidance if Miscarriages.


Resolve relationship issue, Quality of Couple compatibility, Chances of Marriage, Any risk in Marriage.


Unable to achieve your daily targets? Find solutions for elevating your business graph in a short span of time.

Prices & Inclusions

Best Consultation at Optimal Price

Advanced Tarot Session
Per Session
Moderately detailed Tarot Session
Highly accurate phone Tarot 30 minutes Reading
Enough time to Ask Key Questions & Discuss Answers
Very effective when budget is Tight
Detailed predictions and counsel for the Future
Book Phone Reading Now
Main Tarot Session
Per Session
Most popular Tarot Reading, Covering all key areas
All your questions answered during a 40 minutes session
Available on the Phone/Video
Deep insight into your belief & Remedies to change your life
Accurate predictions about your future
Book Phone Reading Now

Benefits Of Tarot Reading

Tarot card reading can provide you deep insight about your life and a better clarity level. You’ll gain a new perspective on life and develop a better understanding and knowledge.

Confidence, Home of Wellness
It helps you find inner peace by overcoming feelings of anxiousness, fear, and worries as well as overcome struggles.

It makes it clearer for you to diagnose those aspects of your personality that need nurturing and therefore helps you to become a better person.

Makes way for creating nurturing and harmonious relationships with family members, friends, and eternal soulmate.

Tarot Reading accesses your inner wisdom and intuition for creating an idealistic future and for manifesting the goals. Our tarot reader Kajol S Bajaj with the client’s aura. Using Tarot cards as their medium and in a layout which works as a mirror for them. This energy helps in bringing the issues to the top or surface. Eventually, the answers are revealed through the cards chosen.

What our clients say

God has been very kind all these years as we had been able to serve 5000+ clients in helping them reveal their inner peace.

Amazing experience indeed. I had been very curious about keeping the right name for my baby as per numerology. Thanks for help me out in keeping one. Indeed the readings in 2017 are falling in place.

Krishpreet Singh

Devops Engineer in Leading IT Firm

Thanks Kajol for accurate readings. God bless you both so that you keep on helping us achieve our spiritual as well as mental well being by helping us trace our true path.



Kajol thanks for motivating me for your opting the right business. Thanks for clearing each and every doubt I had while understanding the readings. Don’t know about my future but you accurately predicted my present & past.

Pargat Dhillon